Facts and Figures

UNO Unique Network Opportunities
ISIN CWN903741049
Trading Platform Euroclear (www.euroclear.com)
Target Investments Well-diversified multi asset classes
Asset classes Aquafarming Development, Real Estate, Food Innovation, Global Remittance, Micro Pension, Online Education, Online Healthcare, Prepaid Solar, Natural Resources, Sustainable Fishing, Water Security
Objective To invest the capital raised in the STC entirely or largely in securities in the underlying trust cells in such a way that the associated risks are widely spread so that the holders of investor shares will share in the proceeds of the various trust cells
Type of Fund Licensed and regulated, open-ended Segregated Trust Company with a variable capital (“STC”)
Umbrella Fund UNO Funds STC B.V., Willemstad, Curaçao – a private limited liability company incorporated under the laws of Curaçao
Trust Cells 11 separate and protected trust cells
Funds Volume  100 million EUR
Currency EURO
Investor Category Private and Institutional Investors
Minimum Investment 10,000 EUR plus 5% agio (no agio for individual subscriptions exceeding  125,000 EUR)
Early Subscription Incentive Up to 6% discount pro rata on subscription price for early subscriptions until 31 December 2015
Lock-In Period 36 months following subscription – thereafter redemption programme
Return on Investment Expected return of 10% p.a. – first distribution follows after the expiry of the lock-in period and thereafter each year
Performance Bonus Payments Up to 100% bonus on the annual return possible based on the performance of the fund
Preference Investor Shares For all distributions the Investor Shares shall have preference before any other distributions
Independent Auditor KPMG Accountants B.V.
Founder Shares Held by QuoInvest B.V.
Legal and Tax Advisors Spigt Dutch Caribbean Attorneys at Law & Tax Advisers
Fund Administrator SGG Management (Curaçao) N.V.
Bank CIBC First Caribbean International Bank

Notice: The investment in UNO Funds constitutes an equity participation and may lead to the total loss of the invested capital (including agio). Full details of the investment risks can be found in the Sales Prospectus.

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