Fund Structure

UNO FUNDS Structure

Unofunds Trust QuoInvest Trust Aquafarming Development Trust Distressed Real Estate Trust Global Remittance Trust Online education Trust Prepaid Solar trust Water Security Trust Sustainable Fishing trust Food Innovation Trust Micro Pension Trust Online Health Trust Proven Resources Trust
The fund’s structure is such that UNO Funds STC B.V. serves as the umbrella fund that regulates and protects all of the trusts. Each Sector is seperat, meaning, each trust behaves as a standalone entity. Consequently, any negative results within one trust will not compromise the others. This structure is similar to the so-called SICAV structure. A SICAV (Société d’Investissement à Capital Variable) is an open-ended collective investment system with a variable capital, common in Western Europe, including Switzerland. As in the case of other open-ended collective investment systems (such as contractual funds), the investor is in principle entitled to redeem his shares at any time.

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