Philosophy of the Fund

“We believe in winwins: This fund is for investors who want to grow their wealth and do so sustainably.”

UNO Funds seeks growth through investment in unique opportunities that follow the strong guiding principle of sustainability. It is a portfolio of trusts, each one focused on a key asset class of future growth fulfilling several common criteria: technology driven, responsibly run, solidly managed, and with an investment volume that is able to reach more than one Billion US Dollars in revenue over a relatively short space of time. The categories we have selected to invest in are those that are poised to see revolutionary changes thanks to advances in technology. In addition, they are asset classes which we believe will have the greatest positive impact on society. We want to contribute to changing the world and we have created UNO Funds as the way to get there.

We believe in the importance of not only doing things right, but doing the right things. It is possible to get high returns and do so with ethical and socially responsible investments.

This fund will provide investors a choice of unique investment opportunities, ones that most individual investors normally would not have easy access to. These are made possible thanks to our global network and partnerships.

Guiding Principles

For us, the by far most important component of our fund are the people involved. We strive to please our investors through the successful investment in socially responsible ventures. One way we ensure consistently good returns is by applying a common set of high standards by which we judge opportunities.

Selecting the right opportunity is highly individual and it is exactly what differentiates a good fund management team from a great one. We like to call it “having a truffle nose”, sniffing out the treasures among a large array of opportunities. The right selections come from a management team and advisory board of successful fund managers with a broad range of experience and a good sense of intuition.

We are not a group of investment bankers, but rather, a diverse group of passionate thinkers and entrepreneurs with industry experience in everything from information technology to agricultural science. The diversity and the global reach of our network is one of the things that make us unique.

Investment Objective

The fund’s investment objective is to produce income and to provide an opportunity for growth of capital exceeding common stock investment.

The fund strives to accomplish its objective through fundamental research, careful selection and broad diversification.

Critical Success Factors

  • – Solid management team
  • – Extensive global network and partnerships
  • – Ethically run / socially responsible
  • – Balanced portfolio
  • – Early stage investments to ensure maximum growth potential
  • – Mix of growth stages to minimize risk
  • – Timing: invest when there is momentum or when it is imminent
  • – Potential for 10% – 20% annual return on investment
  • – Investment portfolio with the potential for more than one Billion US Dollars revenue

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