Natural Resources Trust

A traditional, solid way to strengthen one’s investment portfolio, particularly against large economic swings, is to include assets related to high value commodities like precious metals or oil and gas. As these resources generally do not track with equities, they are a great way to hedge against inflation and diversify one’s investments. Gold, for example, has seen staggering gains over the past decade and will continue to be a solid investment base with very strong demand for gold bullion.

With the rapid growth of the automobile market, especially in emerging economies like Brazil and China, oil will continue to be a valuable natural resource with great upside potential. Investing in a trust that continually capitalizes on unique investment opportunities and that is backed by experienced professionals is a great way to capture more growth from these assets while managing risk.

In addition to the traditional natural resources, new technologies open the gates to a field of unlimited opportunities of renewable natural resources, e.g. biofuels from algae.

The UNO Natural Resources Trust seeks growth through investments in high value natural resources, poised to see solid gains in the coming years. While utilizing the latest technologies, the trust will benefit from an enhanced market of opportunities for new sources of sustainable fuels, aimed at reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Looking for a Pot of Gold The Safer Way

Gold has been a highly sought-after precious metal since before recorded history. The price of gold has seen remarkable gains over the last decade, and, despite the uncertainty in the global economy, gold still achieves lingering and increased demand; and it is expected to remain a very solid investment. Demand for bullion has exceeded expectations in places like China and India. While there are several methods for mining gold, hard rock mining (extracting gold encased in rock) produces most of the world’s gold. The easiest, most sustainable and safest technique is open pit mining, which is done at the surface, not in deep underground tunnels. There are unique opportunities to exploit this technique in regions where high gold content makes for great returns.

Black Gold

Few resources are as critical to the global economy as oil – the ‘black gold’. Demand for this versatile natural resource will continue to be strong, while existing systems are adapted to handle more sustainable biofuels and the use of further renewable energy sources is made applicable on a large scale.

With demand continuing to increase, the rising price of oil has made it financially feasible to explore places previously cost-prohibitive at lower price points. This is great news for investors seeking growth from such commodities.

Oil is not only an important source of fuel but also the source of raw materials for a myriad of common everyday products such as plastics. Until cost-effective, renewable replacements are developed at sufficient scale, crude oil will continue to be a critical raw material for making the things that help improve our lives, from tires and syringes to carpeting and disposable diapers.

Investments in oil production operations under this fund will only be secured if the production company can verify that their activities will not pose any significant risk of environmental damage and are run socially responsible. We take this very seriously. We want investors to have the peace of mind of knowing their investment shall do no harm today or tomorrow.

Rare Earth Metals: The Gold of The Future?

Though few have probably heard of rare earth metals, they play an important role in our daily lives. There are 17 rare earth elements, e.g. lithium, neodymium and indium, and they are used in a wide range of important applications from consumer electronics to electric motors to batteries. These metals have played a pivotal role in increasing battery energy density and electric motor power, making electric cars a real possibility for the mass automobile market. One need only look at the recent success of the Tesla all-electric automobile company as a sign of what is coming with respect to electrically powered automobiles.

Because of their importance for the future of energy storage, the demand for rare earth elements will continue to skyrocket in the coming decades.

The UNO Natural Resources Trust will invest in companies developing more sustainable and cost effective ways of discovering and extracting rare earth metals in addition to innovative programs to recycle these materials, a key process for the future. It seems that rare earth metals could become another “gold of tomorrow” from a commodity value perspective and now is a great time to establish positions in this category. We are just at the beginning of the upswing as electric cars are beginning to penetrate the mass market.

The Silver Lining

Silver, also long valued as a precious metal, is also set for historic value increases. Silver, with the highest electrical conductivity of any element, is highly used in electronic devices as well as in a wide array of other industries. Because of its scarcity, range of industrial applications and historic use as a monetary metal, silver is likely to show impressive gains over the next several years and is included in the scope of the UNO Natural Resources Trust.

Green Oil

While continuing to make the most of existing crude oil reserves, parallel development of alternate fuels and raw materials for plastic is critical for the sustainability of modern society. Many different technologies have been developed over the last few decades – few yield more promise than farming algae for oil production.

Combustion of oil from algae releases CO2, that comes directly from the atmosphere as opposed to fossil fuels which are carbon sources locked into the earth’s crust. A key opportunity for biofuel production lies in the ability to grow a valuable resource on land – otherwise not suitable for farm production – thereby using considerably less water with less impact on the environment if spilled, due to its highly biodegradable nature. In addition, it has been found that these fuels can reduce engine wear and extend engine life. A paper published by Bioresource Technology suggests that biofuel from algae can reduce carbon lifecycle CO2 emissions by 50-70% over fossil fuels. The benefits of algal-based fuels over fossil fuels clearly make this a prime target for investment.

One example of a company taking great strides in optimizing this process is AlgaTek ( They are developing efficient contained growing systems that overcome many of the challenges of existing algal systems such as bacterial contamination and negative effects of the extreme ends of the solar light spectrum.

“With significant emissions reductions, a positive energy balance, nutrient recycling and CO2 reuse, algae-based fuels will be a long-term, sustainable source of fuels for our nation.”

– Mary Rosenthal, the executive director of the Algae Biomass Organization

The Smart Way to Invest in Our Planet’s Riches

The UNO Natural Resources Trust will deliver excellent returns by investing in unique opportunities to capitalize on the growing demand for valuable natural resources such as oil, gold and rare earth metals, concurrently developing the high value renewable and sustainable resources of tomorrow.

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